Blackstar for KIDS

Roger Monahan, owner and operator of Blackstar Body Piercing for over 20 years, is the only professional I would ever recommend to pierce mine, or any child.

He has an exemplary success record, has contributed to health and safety legislation for piercing and tattoo shops in Ontario, and with decades of experience has truly mastered the art of body (and especially ear) piercing. He has a Masters degree in biochemistry from the University of Ottawa which means above all else he has an intimate understanding of human systems, how they work, and most importantly how to protect them from bacteria and infection. Add that to a warm and friendly demeanor that can put even the most nervous and squirmy six year old at ease and you have the perfect candidate to be the foremost authority on kids ear piercing in Kingston and its surrounding areas.

I know what you may be thinking: it's just ear lobes and a gun and some studs were good enough for us as kids so they're still ok right? Wrong! Truth is, piercing guns are not really safe and the less than trained people who use them can be a wealth of misinformation. For example, did you know it is not possible to properly sterilize a piercing gun? Plastic parts make it unsuitable for autoclave sterilization and its design makes it impossible to fully clean all of its parts. Also, they are not one hundred percent accurate and because they thrust a blunt object (the stud) through the ear lobe at high speed, they cause a lot of unnecessary tissue damage and pain in the process. The studs are hard to clean and the aftercare advice, which usually recommends the use of rubbing alcohol, is totally counterproductive and even harmful to the healing of the piercing.

At Blackstar, only sterile equipment is used for every piercing and the jewelry is made of hypo allergenic surgical grade stainless steel. To make clients even more comfortable, Roger uses a very effective topical freezing spray so the whole process is as painless as humanly possible. Kids leave Blackstar with a smile and a sense of pride as they sport their shiny new earings and parents are given the best aftercare advice and support from a true piercing professional.

For me, there is no other shop to which I would trust my child's or my own body for piercings. I am a loyal patron of Blackstar and have such complete trust and confidence in its owner Roger that I wish to advocate the exclusive use of these safe and true piercing practices to all parents of children who want their ears, or anything else, pierced.

Why take chances with a piercing gun when at Blackstar you know it will be done right?

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